Monday, 9 October 2017

Why should you be interested in the Original Dream Teachings?

  • The Original Dream Teachings will not add anything, nor will it take anything away, it will only unveil what has been there all along. 
  • The Original Dream Teachings will show the interaction between thoughts and feelings. 
  • It will shed light on the internal voice and the role of the internal voice in self-perception. 
  • The Original Dream Teachings will focus on change and how constant adaptation to change has become as normal as breathing. 
  • The Original Dream Teachings starts with remembering a childhood memory. 
  • Once this memory has been remembered, the real work will start. Looking at socialization, and the role of time and culture.
  • The Original Dream Teachings are re-education and reverse engineering, back to the place it all started. 
  • The Original Dream Teachings will strengthen resilience, and restore the quality of existence. 

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