Thursday, 12 October 2017

The bones of the dinosaur.

While in the early stages of my career, as part of a team of psychologists looking after the well-being of the members of the Police Service, I learned that changing systems and structures in the organisation is like turning a freight ship in a tropical storm or servicing a Boeing in mid-flight, to say the least a very difficult and complicated task.  But if you start with one worker-ant at a time, giving the ant the support and guidance needed, over time the positive outcome will infiltrate the structure and the systems.
Structures and systems in the organisation are the bones of the dinosaur. You have to build them up and strengthen them from the inside out.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Why should you be interested in the Original Dream Teachings?

  • The Original Dream Teachings will not add anything, nor will it take anything away, it will only unveil what has been there all along. 
  • The Original Dream Teachings will show the interaction between thoughts and feelings. 
  • It will shed light on the internal voice and the role of the internal voice in self-perception. 
  • The Original Dream Teachings will focus on change and how constant adaptation to change has become as normal as breathing. 
  • The Original Dream Teachings starts with remembering a childhood memory. 
  • Once this memory has been remembered, the real work will start. Looking at socialization, and the role of time and culture.
  • The Original Dream Teachings are re-education and reverse engineering, back to the place it all started. 
  • The Original Dream Teachings will strengthen resilience, and restore the quality of existence. 

Sunday, 1 October 2017

We are what we look at.

The original dream teachings are based on the theory that there is a fundamental truth about yourself you need to remember. Remembering this truth will facilitate the alignment of your intrinsic value and who you think you are. Imagine you need your birth certificate for some reason, say you want to apply for a visa. You have an idea of where it could be, but while looking for it you find lots of bits about your childhood you did not know before and these discoveries will change the way you think about yourself. This fundamental truth is your birthright. I believe it is something we all need to remember. Through the original dream teachings, you will be able to restore your inherent ability to take care of yourself.

Free Workbook

Here is your free Workbook.
The purpose of the workbook is to give you a medium for contemplation.  We experience things very different when we have to write it down. It is like seeing yourself or your situation through different eyes. 

Download here. 

My book is finally ready.

My book is finally ready, just in time for October. It is the first publication in the original dream teachings. Although the story forms an important part of the teachings as a whole, it can easily stand alone with its own unique meaning. It is a children's book for adults and children. It features all my own drawings. If you are interested, the ebook is available in pdf format for R100. Contact me via my web page, facebook page or blog page. Have a look at the preview below.

Friday, 15 September 2017

The original dream will ignite the north star.

We feel a certain way because we think a certain way. We think a certain way because we were trained that way. This might seem very simplistic, but it is rather simplistic. It is like following stepping stones, getting caught up in the motion and before you know it, you are miles away.
We have so many roles on the stage of life and it is so easy to get caught up in the labels. It just makes everything a bit easier. With each label comes a set of rules and expectations and you don't have to think about it so you can get on with the real thing which we call life. But we forget, that where ever we go and who ever we think we are or try to be, the self, goes everywhere with you, inside of you.
The original dream will ignite the north star, will remind you of you.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Love according to the Oxford dictionary

Love according to the Oxford dictionary: "a strong feeling of deep affection for somebody/something, especially a member of your family or a friend, a mother's love for her children, love of your country". But this is not it. It doesn't even explain the slightest, most miserable or smallest weak shadow of love. Is love that heart shape red thing with two fat cheeks and a sharp point at the bottom. Yes, love is sometimes red fat with sharp edges, love is sometimes smelly like baby poo when you change the nappy for the sixth time in the middle of the night. Love is the smell of vomit when you are the only one without a tummy bug. Love is sticky and dirty like sweets in the sand pit. Love is having your hands bitten when your dog is in pain. Love is hovering on the edge of madness when they are late or not answering their phones. Love is drinking cold coffee and cleaning the drain. And this is just one day. But love is more than this, much much more. And you thought you knew what love is, moonshine and roses?
From the chapter: Redefine your dictionary.

The bones of the dinosaur.

While in the early stages of my career, as part of a team of psychologists looking after the well-being of the members of the Police Service...