Monday, 3 September 2018

In the Organisation

In organisations, when brands and logos, business plans, financial forecast and growth patterns, equity, and stock, are stripped away, it is always just people remaining.
The Original Dream Teaching values people and are instrumental in restoring the long-forgotten connection with the self. The Original Dream Teaching is a guided process using memory, narrative, metaphor, mindfulness and the exploration of belief systems to restore the personal and unique connection with the self. Individuals will show up with joy, creativity, and aliveness when they are able to freely and mindfully connect with the self.  Productivity will be able to flower in an atmosphere of co-operation and sharing. With the Original Dream Teachings, individuals are assisted to access a forgotten entry into personal power and authenticity. The organisation can only benefit.
The Original Dream Teachings in the organisational setting consist of a one day workshop and a personal and private Quantum Energy Coaching session for each participant. During the Quantum Energy Coaching session, the belief systems that are identified during the workshop are used in the coaching process.

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